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    Residency Bond Program Ltd
    Best Immigration Team 2014 - 2016
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    Your case is different; you have your own special concerns, needs and expectations.
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For Your Family's Future

We offer you the best residency and citizenship programs only. We do not play the “expert advisor role”, we just collaborate. We know that the future of your family is the most important for you. Working closely together with you, we aim to find the solution that satisfies most of your needs.

We offer a variety of investment immigration options. Each of them is the best in one sense or another. The Hungarian program only provides permanent residence, but it is the best value for the money. Cyprus citizenship is the most expensive, but it is also the most satisfying solution. Malta is unique: it offers a European life for a good price. Antigua and Barbuda do not offer European citizenship, but a wide range of visa-free travel for a reasonable price. Vanuatu is the fastest track to dual citizenship. Dominica is the cheapest citizenship by investment option.

Hungary stands out from the crowd with its easy, fast and safe program.

Our Services

European Residency


Lifetime Hungarian residence permit for the whole family in 2 months. The permanent residence permit is actually a lifetime Schengen visa allowing free travelling in Europe.

Dual Citizenship

Cyprus, Malta, Caribbean and Vanuatu

We have carefully studied all citizenship programs and finally selected the best citizenship by investment programs.

Business Services

Company formation and real estate

Company formation in Hungary, real estate transactions (buying or renting a house or an apartment in Hungary)

Hungarian Residency Bond Program

The number of Hungarian residence permits issued in the Program is increasing enormously

Hungarian Residency Bond Program is getting popular: number of residence permits issued increases constantly. While only 430 bonds were sold by the end of 2013, more than 2210 bonds were sold by the end of 2014.

Based on the information provided by the competent Hungarian authority i.e. the Hungarian Debt Management Agency (“ÁKK Zrt.”) until now the ÁKK Zrt. has sold 3637 Residency Government Bonds. Hungarian authorities hope that the trend will continue in 2016 as well.

Bonds Sold


Is it really the best offer?


How to participate?


What steps should I make?


Is Hungary a nice country?

Schengen Countries

May I travel to Europe?


I have a lot of questions...

Best immigration team award

The 'Best Immigration Team' advises and helps you

Residency Bond Program Ltd advises and assists you and your family with all aspects of immigration to Hungary and obtaining Hungarian residency through the Residency Bond Program. We also offer the 3 best citizenship programs.

Our expert team is highly motivated to meet your needs and expectations to the very highest standards. Our efforts has been recognised in the last 3 years by the "Best Immigration Team" award.

Main Features

Best Immigration team

Our team has been awarded the 'Best Immigration Team' in the last 3 years.

Quality & excellence

Our expertise enables us to make sure that each of our clients’ case is handled effectively and in a professional way. We are highly motivated to satisfy your needs and expectations to the highest standards.


As pioneers, we have been concerned with the new Hungarian Residency Bond Program from the very first moment, since its inception.

Tailored communication

We are well aware that your case is different; you have your own special concerns, needs and expectations.


Success ratio 100%
Country coverage 100%
Positive feedback 100%

Why Choose Us

Hungarian firm

We are a Hungarian company, we know the special Hungarian environment. You are welcome in our Budapest office.

Immigration Lawyers

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program is complicated. We work with the best Hungarian immigration lawyers, who know the tiny details of the Program and can answer all the possible questions.


You are safe, if your case is in the best hands. We do not work with local agents because it is not safe, they do not know the Hungarian Program. We work with immigration experts and Hungarian immigration lawyers. We collaborate with safe financial intermediaries only. We check every contract you sign. We give you legal assistance for getting your residence permit and getting back your money.


We are well aware that your case is different; you have your own special concerns, needs and expectations. We provide our clients with a full scope and all-inclusive personal assistance.