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Dominica citizenship simplified

Application for Dominica citizenship simplified

Citizenship, Dominica, Caribbean

The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has just announced that certain documents are no longer required for the citizenship by investment applications. Of course, documents waiver will not undermine the effectiveness of the due diligence procedure but makes the application process easier and more comfortable.

From 1st May 2017 and onward, till further notice; the following documents are waived for Dominica Citizenship application:

  • Bank reference letter
  • Personal references
  • Immunisation schedule
  • Audited financial reports

You are still required to present clear police record, birth and marriage certificates and some other documents when you file your application. Please note, that Bank reference and financial statements for the two most recent years are still required by the government for processing of funds.

Read more about the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Bulgarian citizen

Cheapest European Passport Option

Citizenship, Europe, Bulgaria

Our portfolio now includes the most affordable European citizenship option.

The Bulgarian Immigration Program has now been updated enabling foreigners to get Bulgarian permanent residence permit and Bulgarian passport through a government investment scheme.

What are the main benefits for you?

Lifetime European citizenship for the whole family

Bulgaria allows dual citizenship, so you do not need to relinquish your current nationality. Your spouse and all of your descendents (children, grandchildren, etc.) will also get Bulgarian citizenship. All of your family, even your future children may travel, live, study and work within 28 countries of European Union without any restriction.

Visa-free travel

As a citizen of Bulgaria, you may travel visa-free travel to 142 countries in the world.

Cheapest option in Europe

Bulgarian passport is the most affordable option in Europe.

Safe investment

You invest in guaranteed Bulgarian government bonds. Your investment will be refunded after 5 years.

Easy to qualify

No language requirements, medical tests or interviews. You only need to visit Bulgaria once. We give you full support and guidance.

No residency requirement

You are not required to live in Bulgaria prior or during the application, or even after citizenship has been granted.

Let your children study in Europe with no extra fee

The European educational systems offers a wide range of high-quality public and private schools from elementary school to post-graduate PhD programmes. Your children -- as an EU citizen -- will acces to the system and pay the same reduced tution fee as other European students.

Just invest at least 512, 000 euro in government bonds for 5 years, and you and your family will receive Bulgarian residency within 3 months and Bulgarian citizenship within 2 or 5 years depending on your investment.

Read more about the Bulgarian Passport option.

Cyprus property value increases

Budget Golden Visa in Europe

Residency, EuropeGreece

We now offer you Greece Golden Visa Programme. This option might suit you if you say:

  • I want to travel in Europe without a visa.
  • My budget is limited.
  • I want to make a safe investment in a Greek real estate.
  • I may live in a country of the European Union.
  • I need an easy and fast process.
  • I may want to upgrade to citizenship.

Just by a Greek property for at least 250,000 euro and you and your family will receive Greek residency visa within 2 months.

Read more about the Greece Golden Visa Programme.

Cyprus property value increases

Real estate prices will increase by 5% in Cyprus

Citizenship, Residency, Europe, CyprusCyprus Property News

In its 2016 annual review Resolute Asset Management reports that the Cyprus real estate market is gradually becoming more active partly due to improving local and international economic conditions.

There is also an increasing appetite from foreigners to acquire real estate in Cyprus. This has been seen both in terms of sales involving the exchange of Title Deeds (+41%) and contracts of sale deposited at Land Registry offices (+43%).

Resolute Asset Management identifies a number of favourable and unfavourable factors, which it anticipates will affect the real estate market in the year ahead and concludes its report that the capital value of apartments in centre or touristic area will increase by 5% in 2017.

Source: Cyprus Property News

Hungarian residency bond program is closed

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program is over

Residency, HungaryEditorial

Our client filed his application on 31st March 2017, and he was the last client of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program.

The Program is closed today and will be closed in the future as well. More exactly, the Program is on hold, but nobody knows the future. The Hungarian residency program was the most popular residency program in Europe. Till the end of 2016 more than 4,700 applicants entered the program together with more than 10,000 family members, and they received their permanent residence permit. The numbers of 2017 are not known, but I guess the final number is close to 6,000.

If you missed the excellent opportunity to get EU residence permit within 2 months, we offer you other great options. You may get a residence visa in Cyprus within 2 months by investing at least 300,000 euro in a Cyprian property. A lot of excellent properties are available in our portfolio.

The other promising option is Malta. Malta offers you an EU residency and consequently free travel in Europe within 3-4 month by investing 250,000 euro in government bonds.

If you are interested in getting a second passport, you may find the best citizenship by investment options here.

deadline of Hungarian residency bond program

Act today

Residency, Hungary

Only 2 weeks left to file your application. If you act now, you can get your PR within 2 months.

We do our best that you can still apply.

Act now!

deadline of Hungarian residency bond program

Final Countdown

Residency, Hungary

We entered in the last month of the Hungarian program. Only a few days has been left to apply for your permanent residence permit. The Hungarian government will stop accepting new requests on March 31st of 2017. No excuse, no prolongation.

We do our best that you can still apply.

Act now!

CBI 2017 interview with Laszlo Gaal

Interview with Laszlo Gaal managing director in Citizenship by Investment Spring 2017


We are living in a new world linked to Brexit, President Trump, terror attacks and EU crisis. What will be the “Trump effect” on citizenship by investment programs?

Events of the past few months, and now the Trump presidency, are having a severe impact on the thinking of wealthy people regarding new escape routes, such as second residences and citizenships. People are becoming uncertain and unsatisfied everywhere in the world, even in rich countries. We experience a significant increase in new requests from all around the world. The world is not safe anymore, and the future is quite unpredictable. However, wealthy people are in the lucky position to move forward, seeking to secure a safe future for their children. A second passport or even a second residency is also the key to a second — presumably safe — home.

Your company was extremely successful with the Hungarian residency program. What happened to it?

Hungarian Residency Bond Program was very popular, More than 5000 applicants entered the program, and over ten thousand people (when including family members) have received Hungarian permanent residence permits. The numbers above outperform the success of any other European residency and citizenship programs. However, the Hungarian government will suspend the program on March 31st of 2017 because of the favourable developments in the country’s financing conditions in the last year. I am convinced that the Hungarian Residency Program was the best offer in Europe.

What is your secret?

We do not play the “trusted advisor role”, we just collaborate with our clients. We are well aware that the future of their family is the most important. We work together with our clients aiming to find a solution that satisfies them. They know what they want; we know what is possible, so the result is the best possible solution. Investment is a human relation. If you do not trust the other person, you will not give your money to him or her. The “human factor” is the most important factor in our business. We build trust.

What is the best offer for high-net-worth individuals in 2017?

I think the “oldies” will work well in 2017 as well. I see a great potential in the Caribbean programs. Some new rules and significant changes make it easier to get dual citizenship in this area. The proposed substantial increase of the minimum investment amount required for the EB-5 program and Canada’s focus on bringing more refugees into the country than attracting foreign capital may point investors in the direction of the Caribbean or even Europe.

Dominican Citizenship by Investment Program now recognises children up to 28 years of age as well as parents of applicants over 55 years of age fully-supported by the main applicant.

Since the appointment of Les Khan as the new Chief Executive in September 2016, the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Kitts & Nevis has been completely overhauled and restructured leadership to a more robust due diligence framework, greater transparency and so improved credibility.

Saint Lucia has an intention to become the most innovative and secure program in the region. The recent changes, such as reducing the costs and removing the requirement to declare substantial financial resources, as well as the reintroduction of government bond option, are very straightforward.

Antigua is not Terra Incognita for wealthy people. Celebrities have been choosing this tiny Caribbean island as an investment playground, a place for a second home, or just vacation spot for many years.

What is the best offer in Europe?

For those who are seeking European citizenship and also an excellent investment, I would suggest Cyprus. The government of Cyprus revised the previous citizenship program and made it even more attractive. The minimal individual investment amount has been reduced from 5 million to 2 million euro. In return for a safe and profitable investment into residential properties, you get an EU passport within 3-4 months. The price of real estates we offer increased by 5-10% each year.

See the full interview...

deadline of Hungarian residency bond program

Only a few weeks left to apply

Residency, Hungary


Only a few weeks has been left to apply for Hungarian permanent residence permit. The Hungarian government will stop accepting new requests on March 31st of 2017.

We receive many new requests for the Hungarian residency bond program from around the world. The interest in getting a lifelong PR for the whole family has been enormous. We do our best to help you to meet the deadline.

What should you do, if you do not want to miss the best opportunity in Europe?

  • Please fill in the request for a quote today
  • Send your passport copy
  • Cooperate with us to file your application before the deadline.

What if you do not have 300,000 euro?

We can offer a great financing option for a limited time. Instead of paying 360,000 euro, you pay only 185,000 euro one-time payment. (In this case, you will not get back any money after 5 years.)

What if I am not able to collect all the necessary documents in this limited time?

Do not worry, we guide you through the whole process, and we will provide you all the documents required at the time of application. The remaining documents can be filed later on.

I will be not ready until the end of March. Could you extend the deadline?

Unfortunately, we cannot. The deadline is set by the Hungarian government.

What if my application will not be accepted until the deadline? Will I loose my investment?

No, not all. If your application will be filed before 31st March, your application is valid. The Hungarian authority has 30 days to approve your application. Please note, that we have a 100% success rate, all of our clients have been approved, and they received the permanent residence permit.

Most popular residency by investment program

Hungary Announces End to the Most Popular Residency by Investment Program

Press Release, Residency, Hungary

The Hungarian government will stop accepting requests for Residency Bonds on March 31st of 2017, reported Residency Bond Program Ltd. While applications submitted before that date will still be processed, no new requests for Hungarian permanent residence permit by investment will be accepted after the end of March 2017. The Hungarian Residency Bond Program is the most popular residency by investment program in Europe.

The Hungarian Government Debt Management Agency announced that the government will stop selling residency bonds after March 31st of this year, citing favourable developments in the country’s financing conditions in the last year.

“Selling of residency bonds, played previously an important role, is not required in the future.” wrote the Hungarian Government Debt Management Agency. Residency bonds were sold for more than 1 billion euro in the last 3 years.

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program offers lifelong residence permit for the whole family since 2013. As Hungary is a member state of the European Union (EU) and also a Schengen country, people having Hungarian residence card may freely travel within Schengen zone without visa and border control and may also live and work in Hungary.

Hungary stands out from the crowd with its easy, fast and safe program. Investing of 300,000 euro into government bonds will result in a permanent residence permit within two months for the whole family.

"I am convinced that the Hungarian Residency Program is the best offer in Europe." said Residency Bond Program Ltd's managing director Laszlo Gaal, "The fast track is still open till the end of March 2017.”

Hungarian Residency Bond Program is very popular, More than 4700 applicants entered the program, and almost ten thousand people (including family members) have received Hungarian residence permits. The numbers above outperform the success of other European residency and citizenship programs.

“We find that many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by travelling or living in Europe. Some of them are willing to invest a considerable amount of money in obtaining European residency or citizenship.” reported Kriszta Tasnadi, client manager of Residency Program Ltd.


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