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RCP, a trusted European family firm, is considered one of the leading independent immigration service providers. Our portfolio includes the best European residency and global citizenship by investment solutions. Which one is yours?

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RCP Residency Citizenship Program Limited is a trusted European family firm. RCP is considered one of the leading independent immigration service providers. Our portfolio includes the best European residency and global citizenship by investment solutions. Let's make the world yours. We deliver it.

Safe & Confidential

Our clients value our absolute commitment to them. We provide you with professional assistance in every tiny detail. All the information you shared with us is kept strictly confidential.

10+ Years of Excellence

With extensive experience in investment immigration services, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and insight. We've learned how to use a common language with our clients. We have been recognised through several awards.

How We Guide You?

  • 1. We help you to select the best option

    Through our work with clients over the last 25 years, we have learned to use a common language with everyone. We help you select the most suitable residence or citizenship by investment program to meet your needs and preferences.

  • 2. We do preliminary due diligence before onboarding.

    We have 100% success rate due to our due diligence. Before you pay anything, we check your residency or citizenship program eligibility.

  • 3. We assist you with the whole application process

    We help you secure and compile all necessary supporting documents and complete various government application forms. We make the final submission to the relevant government authority.

  • 4. You get your residence card or passport

    The government agency reviews all documents and conducts its due diligence checks. After approval, you should transfer the payment balance. The government will issue your residence or citizenship documents.

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RCP offers you the best residency and citizenship options. Contact us to get your tailored residency or citizenship estimation.

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European residency


The European Residency and Golden Visa programs offer you EU residency allowing European life and visa-free travel within the Schengen area.

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second passport


A second citizenship and passport may change your life and gives you unprecedented freedom. Secure the future of your whole family.

Which citizenship by investment option?
Latvindia story

Latvindia Initiative

We have created Latvindia to connect you to Europe. It offers you safe and transparent investment, Latvian residency and also European education for your children.

How to connect to Europe?

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