Grenada Citizenship by Investment: 100% Buyback Option for a Limited Time

May 2nd 2024 in Caribbean,Citizenship

If you invest in a Caribbean property and want to sell it later, you may encounter problems with demand and price. 

Grenada is rocking the Caribbean with its beauty and charm. The island is ready for any adventure, from blue waters and white sandy beaches to rainforests and waterfalls. 

Grenada citizenship by property investment is one of the best deals. Now, we offer a 100% buyback option for Grenada citizenship by investment within a limited period. The property developer irrevocably commits to repurchase the property after 5 years (or 7 years) from the issue of the Grenadian passport. 

You have two options:

Option 5-year Plan

  • Buyback at the original purchase price ($220,000) after 5 years of Grenadian passport issue date 
  • No interest or income during the period

Option 7-year Plan

  • Buyback at the original purchase price ($220,000) after 7 years of Grenadian passport issue date
  • Guaranteed rental income at 4.3% per year for the last 2 years ($18,920) 
  • The amount  ($238,920) will be paid altogether after 7 years of the Grenadian passport issue date

Important note

It's important to note that for both options, you'll need to settle the entire 100% investment within one month of agreement signing, typically before or around the submission. However, in the event of rejection, a full refund is guaranteed. You will need to pay relevant taxes and fees for the buyback process.

What are the benefits of getting a Grenada passport?

  • 100% BUYBACK after 5 or 7 years 
  • No investment risk with optional steady income! 
  • Visa-free access to around 150 countries and regions, including the UK (180 days), Schengen (90 days), China, Hong Kong and Singapore. 
  • Grenada has the most generous allowance for dependants. Your spouse, parents, grandparents, minors, and dependent children under 30 can also be included. There is no age restriction for parents and no educational requirements for children. 
  • Grenada is the only country with citizenship by investment in the Caribbean region. It has an E-2 Treaty with the USA. Grenada citizens can be granted an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa for up to five years, allowing them, their spouses, and children under 21 to live in the USA. 
  • No global taxation, foreign income tax, or inheritance tax.

How long is the offer valid?

You have to sign the agreement with us before 30th June 2024 to benefit

What to do now?

You should act now to benefit  our limited buyback offer.

Please request a free quote of  Grenada citizenship.