How to get residency or citizenship remotely?

February 9th 2021 in Residency,Citizenship

You may plan a second passport or a residency in Europe or elsewhere, but how can you travel these days? Considering the temporary travel restrictions and the Coronavirus crisis and growing numbers, we cannot hope free travel in the coming weeks. You cannot visit your target country, you cannot meet the agent personally, and you cannot manage the investment and application locally.

For every problem, there is an answer. If you cannot go there, do it remotely. You may consider residency and citizenship options without the need to travel. There are also options where your personal presence is required in the last phase only.

What are the completely remote residency or citizenship options?

The good news is that are several citizenship by investment options available for remote application. The bad news is that residency by investment options are not available for a complete but partially remote application.

What countries are offering a complete remote application for citizenship?

How can you do the whole process remotely? You can send all the required documents to us, and we submit your application to the government. After approval, you will get the citizenship certificates and passports by courier.

The order of listing reflects how easy to apply for the second passport.

Vanuatu citizenship


  • Fastest Passport
  • From $135,000
  • Investment: Donation
  • Time: 2 months
How to get Vanuatu citizenship?
Turkish passport


  • With E2 and EU
  • From $265,000
  • Investment: Property and Bank
  • Time: 6 months
Details of Turkish citizenship
stkitts citizenship


  • Cheapest Passport
  • From $110,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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St Lucia citizenship


  • Best Property Investment
  • From $122,000
  • Donation, property, bond
  • Time: 3 months
Read more about Saint Lucia citizenship


  • Whole family
  • From $171,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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antigua citizenship


  • Tax exemption
  • From $147,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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Dominica citizenship by investment


  • Popular
  • From $125,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
How to get Dominica citizenship?

What countries are offering a partially remote application for citizenship?

Hot Malta citizenship program


  • Visit: to pick up residence permit
  • From €610,000
  • Investment: Donation
  • Time: 12 months
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What countries are offering a totally remote application for residency?

Unfortunately, no residency by investment is available by the totally remote application.

What countries are offering a partially remote application for residency?

The order of listing goes from the lowest to the highest investment amount.

Hot Invest in Latvia


  • Visit: after one month Latvian embassy, within 3 months after approval travel to Latvia
  • From €60,000
  • Investment: Bond, business, property
  • Time: 3 months
How to get Latvian residency?
Malta Pr


  • Visit: after approval
  • From €125,000
  • Investment: Donation
  • Time: 6-9 months
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Greek Golden Visa


  • Get a Blue Card by courier, visit Greece within 12 months
  • From €250,000
  • Investment: Property
  • Time: 2-3 months
Details of Greek Golden Visa
Portugal Golden Visa


  • Visit: after approval
  • From €280,000
  • Investment: Property
  • Time: 6-9 months
Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa

Bottom line: Do it today remotely and enjoy free travel after Coronavirus.