5 Myths About Permanent Residency in Europe

June 18 2024 in Residency,Europe

We have received many questions about European permanent residency. First of all, what is a residence permit? A residence permit is a legal status granted by a government to a foreign national, allowing them to live, work, or study in the country. It's crucial to debunk the misconceptions about the value and limitations of a permanent residence permit. Let's shed light on the top 5 myths you may have.

Myth 1: Permanent residency allows you to live in any European country

It is not valid. For instance, if you receive a permanent residence permit in Germany, you can settle down and live there, not in any other European country. The same is true for all other countries.

Myth 2: You can work in any European country with a permanent residency

That's not true. More precisely, you can work in the country where you have a work permit. Some residence permits, like in Latvia, are also work permits.

Myth 3: You will have free health care with a permanent residency.

Health care is not free of charge in Europe. A residence permit allows you access to the country's health system. Still, the fees depend on your insured and/or taxpayer status in that specific country.

Myth 4: You will have free education in any EU country with a permanent residency

That's not true. Your children may attend the country's state schools where you have PR free of charge. State schools, which are typically taught in the local language, are not the same as private English (or French) schools, which offer education in English. You must be a citizen of an EU country to qualify for reduced tuition fees at any EU university.

Myth 5: A permanent residence permit is good, while a temporary residence permit is bad

It is not valid. Temporary and permanent residency offer almost the same rights and benefits citizens enjoy.

As its name indicates, a temporary residence permit is limited in time (usually 1-5 years). In contrast, a permanent residence permit is issued for life. However, you should renew both types every 5 or 10 years.

Regarding your rights, temporary and permanent residencies are nearly the same.

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