New Bill to Portugal Citizenship

September 23rd 2020 in Europe,Residency
Portugal citizenship

This summer, the Portuguese Parliament approved an amended citizenship law that would grant citizenship by birth (otherwise known Jus Soli) to children born on Portuguese soil. 

What is the essence of the new amendment?

It will reduce the time-frame of required residency from two or more years to one year only. Children born in Portugal to foreign nationals resident in the territory of Portugal get Portuguese citizenship if at least one of their parents have been resident in the country for one year.

Why is it important?

Future and current Golden Visa investors will welcome the introduction of jus soli in Portugal. They will enjoy the additional benefit of being able to bestow Portuguese citizenship on their children a mere year into their residency period. The children would be eligible for citizenship several years before their parents and, unlike their progenitors, would not need to demonstrate language proficiency. It might be important, especially for young couples who are planning their future in Portugal. 

What to do?

In these times of uncertain prospects due to the pandemic, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and a great place to raise new families. Learn more about Portugal Golden Visa.