Safe Future in Europe with Portugal Residency - Now with New Investment Opportunities

June 14th 2021 in Residency,Citizenship,Europe
Portugal residency by investment

Portugal residency by investment is an excellent choice if you search for a safe and stable future for your family in Europe. The country grants attractive business opportunities, education and a healthcare system. You can travel and have visa-free access to 26 countries in Europe. Now we offer a new and safe investment opportunity to secure second home for your family.

What are the main benefits of a Portugal residence permit?

  • You may get Portugal citizenship and Portuguese passport
  • You may include your whole family -- even adult children
  • Portugal is a safe and stable country with a strategic location and lovely climate. See why Portugal is one of the best places to live.
  • Your children will have access to the European education and healthcare system (Portugal has the 12th best healthcare system in the world)
  • You don't have to live in Portugal to maintain the residency or apply for Portugal citizenship.

What should you know about Portugal residency?

The famous Portugal Golden Visa Program ('Autorização de Residência para Actividade de Investimento') was launched in 2012, and almost 10,000 applicants have been approved.

The program offers 5 years of legal residency followed by citizenship with a Portuguese passport. This permit allows the holder to travel freely throughout Europe without Schengen visa.

You don't have to live in Portugal to maintain the residency or able to apply for Portugal citizenship.

Once you become a Portuguese citizen, you can live, study and work anywhere in the European Union and use the world's 4th best passport. That means you can live in Germany or in the Netherlands if you prefer.

What are the requirements of the Portugal Golden Visa?

  • Make an investment
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Your dependent children have to be a single and full-time student,
  • Your parents/ your spouse's parents have to be over the age of 65 years
Portuguese passport

We help you to find the best investment opportunity

Finding the right investment without any risk is not easy, but we provide you with excellent solutions. We help you to find which option suits you the best. Our investment opportunities are safe and regularly audited by certified independent auditors. The investment can be made as an individual or through a legal entity meeting certain requirements.

What are the best and new investment options?

We offer both real estate and financial investment options plus a unique opportunity that merges these two into a new hybrid investment. The minimum amount is 280,000 euro; however, it's going to increase from 2022, don't miss this opportunity.

A) Traditional real estate purchase: typically guarantees 4% yearly yield after construction completed. You own a property that you can sell, mortgage, or move in at any point. Price appreciation is earned by the investor.

B) Class E investment fund (NEW): financial investment of minimum 350,000 with 3% preferred yearly yield from day one, with funds being returned in full at the end of the investment period (min. 6 yrs). No capital appreciation will be earned.

C) Class D investment fund (NEW): hybrid financial investment of minimum 350,000 with 3% preferred yearly yield from day one. You can opt for one of the properties in the portfolio and receive it at the end of the investment period (min 6 yrs). Any price appreciation is earned by the investor, the best of both worlds, with a 100% guarantee.

Comparison of our investment options

  Real estate investment Fund Investment Class D units Fund Investment Class E units
Minimum Investment Amount €350,000 €350,000 €350,000
Golden Visa YES YES YES
Citizenship Eligibility YES YES YES
Description Apartment can be chosen, lived in or managed Initially held as units of Insight fund, which convert into a chosen apartment Held as units of Insight fund
Capital appreciation YES YES YES
Real estate transfer taxes 6-8% Payable upfront 6-8% Payable upon transfer of asset (end of 6 year period) 0%
Subscription fee 0% 2% 2%
Taxes on yield 28% 0% 0%
Principal security - - YES

Why now? Portugal Golden Visa changes in 2022

Applicants have time until the end of 2021 to take advantage of the current Portugal Golden Visa scheme, as the rules will change from 2022. See details of Portugal Golden Visa changes.

What is the next step?

If you are interested in Portugal residency, please contact us and get a free evaluation for Portugal Golden Visa Program.

If Portugal is not the right choice for you, we have a lot more to offer. Explore other residency or citizenship options in Europe.