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The Best Citizenship by Investment Programmes

investment citizenshipIf you trouble your head about:

  • the safe future of your family or
  • better educational possibilities for your children or
  • free movement in Europe and other countries or
  • even a higher standard of living,

you should consider investing in dual citizenship.

We offer you the best citizenship programs only. We advise you and work with you to find the solution that satisfies most of your needs.

We selected the best investment options for you. Each of them is the best in one sense or another.

How to get dual citizenship?

Citizenship-by-investment programs offer you to acquire a new citizenship and a second passport legally, relatively quickly and simply, without significant disruption to your life. All programs, we offer, provide you the chance of dual citizenship.

We help you to find the citizenship opportunity that best suits your needs and also offers the best investment solution for you.

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Select your Citizenship by Investment programme

Just click on a blue BUTTON below to sort the citizenship options according to your need.


    European citizenship

    Cheapest option

    Investment: Contribution to PIF
    From 100,000 euro
    Passport: 3 months


    EU passport

    High standard of living

    Investment: Mixed
    From 800,000 euro
    Passport: 12 months


    EU citizenship

    Profitable investment

    Investment: Real estate
    From 2,000,000 euro
    Passport: 6 months


    Visa-free travel 130+

    Canada and celebrities

    Investment: Real estate/ Donation
    From 100,000 USD
    Passport: 3-6 months


    Visa-free travel 120+

    Cheapest option

    Investment: Real estate/ Donation
    From 100,000 USD
    Passport: 2-6 months


    Visa-free travel 141

    US E2 Visa

    Investment: Real estate/ Donation
    From 150,000 USD
    Passport: 2-4 months


    Visa-free travel 125+

    Oldest option

    Investment: Real estate/ Donation
    From 150,000 USD
    Passport: 2-3 months


    Visa-free travel 125+

    Fastest option

    Investment: Donation
    From 130,000 USD
    Passport: 1-2 months

What are the main benefits of having dual citizenship and a second passport?


Safe future for your family

Always have a plan B, a second citizenship is a satisfying alternative. Europe or Caribbean or Vanuatu offer stability, safety and many other advantages.

Better education for your children

You can access to EU education system at a moderate price. For example, an EU or British student studying Preclinical Medicine at Oxford University would pay £9,000 a year in tuition fees, but an overseas student would pay £16,545 a year. Dominica offers the privilege to work and study in the United Kingdom as a Commonwealth citizen.

Better Lifestyle

Many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in Europe. The lifestyle advantages could include better access to essential services such as health and education, as well as the natural environment, well-developed infrastructure, cultural facilities and the like. Safety and security aspects are also factors in lifestyle decisions.

Free Movement

One of the major benefits of second passport is the freedom of travel. You are allowed to freely travel throughout the 28 EU member states. In addition you can visit more than 100, other countries without visa.

Tax breaks

By gaining a second citizenship, investors are also able to enjoy tax breaks as well as the possibility of improved personal and corporate tax exposure.

Which is the best citizenship by investment program for you?

You can consider the citizenship programs from different aspects.

Just click on the blue table header below and see how programs are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Program Location Type Benefit Time Investment Donation
Antigua Caribbean R/D Visa 3 200 100
Bulgaria European B EU 24 512  
Cyprus European R EU 3 2000  
Dominica Caribbean R/D Visa 3 200 100
Grenada Caribbean R/D Visa 3 350 150
Malta European B+D EU 12 150 650
Moldova European D Europe 3 100
St. Kitts Caribbean R/D Visa 2 400 150
Vanuatu Pacific D Visa 1   130

Time = Minimum time to get passport in months

Type = B (government bond), D (donation), R (real estate)

Investment = Minimum investment in1000 euro in Europe and 1000 USD in other countries

Donation = Alternative option (required in Malta and Vanuatu)