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Citizenship by Investment

How to Get a Second Passport?

The best citizenship by investment options in the world

from €165,000

from $130,000

2 - 12 Months



What are the main benefits of a second passport?

Safe Future for Your Family

Always have a plan B, a second citizenship is a satisfying alternative. Europe or Caribbean or Vanuatu offer stability, safety and many other advantages.

Better Life

Many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in Europe or another country. The lifestyle advantages could include better health-care, natural environment, infrastructure, culture and the like.

European Education

If you have an EU passport, your children will have full access to the highly-developed European education system at the same price as any other EU student.

Free Movement

One of the major benefits of the second passport is freedom of travel. You are allowed to freely travel throughout the European countries, Russia, China, and 100+ other countries without a visa.

Malta Citizenship


  • European Union
  • From €1,000,000
  • Investment: Mixed
  • Time: 12 months
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Citizenship Cyprus


  • European Union
  • From €2.200,000
  • Investment: Property and Donation
  • Time: 9 months
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Moldova citizenship by investment


  • Cheapest European option
  • From €165,000
  • Investment: Donation
  • Time: 3 months
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Antigua citizenship


  • The best Carribean option
  • From $150,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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Dominica citizenship by investment


  • Cheapest for a Single
  • From $135,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 5 months
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  • Whole family
  • From $180,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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St. Kitts citizenship


  • High-end Real Estates
  • From $180,000
  • Investment: Donation, property
  • Time: 4 months
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Citizenship Vanuatu


  • Fastest Passport
  • From $155,000
  • Investment: Donation
  • Time: 5 months
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Second Passport

Change your life

What is a Second Passport?


  • Residency or citizenship?

    European citizenship provides you with the free settlement and free movement in any European Union country. However, a second EU passport is expensive. Carribean and Vanuatu passports provide you visa-free travel to approx. 120+ countries, including the UK, the EU Schengen zone, but not EU residency. European visa secure you the right to live, in many cases work in your new country -- but only in that country --, and travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area of the EU. We help you to find the option which best suits your needs and also offers the best investment solution for you.

  • I want to live in Germany or any EU country, which passport is right for me?

    Only European Union passport provides you with free settlement and free movement in any European Union country. That means, you should invest in Malta or Cyprus. Moldova may become a member of the EU in the future.

  • Which is the cheapest option?

    If you are alone, Dominica citizenship offers you the cheapest passport. If you are with a family, Antigua citizenship is the most affordable option.

  • Which is the fastest option?

    Vanuatu offers the fastest track. You may get your Vanuatu passport within 2 months. Moreover, Vanuatu offers very easy requirements.

  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Moldova
  • Antigua
  • Dominica

Citizenship by Investment

Where are the countries offering a second passport?