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Cyprus citizenship

Cyprus Citizenship -- now for less

Cyprus is beautiful, Cyprus is safe and developing. It is an ideal place to live and invest.

Cyprus is in the centre of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), one can easily reach the main countries within 1-2 hours. It is an attractive destination for business and investment and also a favourite place for settling down. Cyprus attracts millions of tourists every year.

Imagine 300+ days of sunshine and sandy beaches all over the Island. You will enjoy the beautiful landscape and the view of the Mediterranean.

European passport for your whole family with a fast and profitable investment

Cyprus was a British Crown colony until 1960; after achieving independence it became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1961 and member of the European Union in 2004.

Cyprus has a worldwide reputation as a place for international businesses. The favourable tax regime and the geographical position, combined with the highest quality of services are the key factors for its popularity.

Making an investment in Cyprus is an appealing option for many investors looking to invest in Europe. Investors, who are seeking safe and long-term returns, regard investment in Cyprus' property as a sound investment with high ROI.

Benefits of Cyprus citizenship

cyprus citizenship by investmentLifetime citizenship for the whole family

Cyprus allows dual citizenship. A person who is a Cypriot citizen may travel, live, study and work within 28 countries of European Union without any restriction.

Visa-free travel

Citizens of Cyprus have the right to live, work and get an education within the European Union, Free movement of goods, services and capital, Visa-free travel to over 158 countries including the EU and Canada.

Fastest track in Europe

You and your family will have European passport within 3-6 months.

Your investment works

Your investment is highly profitable, and you may gain a considerable profit in every year.

cyprus living is fantasticNo residency requirement

You are not required to live on the island prior or during the application, or even after citizenship has been granted. However, you must visit Cyprus at least once every 7 years.

Easy to qualify

No language requirements, medical tests or interviews.

High standard of Cyprus living

Cyprus offers a high level of life with access to reputable British schools, medical facilities and a highly favourable tax system. Cyprus enjoys a very low crime rate that is only one tenth of the average rate of European countries.

How to get Cyprus citizenship?

  • Cyprus citizenship by investment is available for you through a secure residential property investment of 2,000,000 euro.
  • Your investment can be a single Cyprus property or combined property portfolio.
  • You may sell your main investment after a period of three years, however, you must always maintain a property with a value of at least 500,000 euro.

Does my family also get citizenship?

You and your spouse, your dependent children (up to 28 years) can also obtain citizenship under one application.

The definition of financially dependent adult children are undergraduate and postgraduate university students of up to 28 years of age that are undertaking their first undergraduate or fist postgraduate degree and are not studying to acquire a professional title (such as ACA, ACCA, barrister). Students of foundation university courses the duration of which does not exceed two academic semesters may also qualify. Legally incapacitated dependants also qualify under this category.

Your parents are also entitled to apply for Cyprus Citizenship by Exception provided that they have purchased a permanent residence of at least 500,000 euro plus VAT.

cyprus propertyRequirements

  • Invest at least 2 million euro in Cyprus real estate
  • Have a clear criminal record obtained in your country of residence.
  • Be a person not sanctioned by the EU.

Fees and costs

  • Government fees: about EUR 7,500 + VAT/ person

Time to get your passport

You will get your Cyprus passport after 3-6 months from the submission of your application.