Greece Golden Visa



2 - 4 Months


Greece Golden Visa

You can do the whole process from your home

Route to Greek citizenship

Thanks to the recently voted amendments of the Citizenship Code, the years fulfilled by Golden visa are taken into consideration. After 7 years, you can apply for the Greek passport.

Profitable Investment

You can make a good deal with a reasonable investment to get a Greek residency. We offer you a wide variety of Greek properties to acquire a Greek golden visa.

Whole Family

Your children up to the age of 21 can also be included. Your parents and your spouse's parents are also eligible.

Free travel in Europe

Greece is part of the Schengen zone, allowing you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa.

Greece investor visa

How to get a Golden Visa in Greece

We help you to find the best Greek properties

What are the Requirements

of getting a Greek Golden Visa?

Residence permit in Greece
Main Applicant
  • Good character
  • Clear criminal record
  • Enough money to invest
  • Marriage certificate
  • Good character
Minor Children
  • Dependent children below the age of 18
Children up to 21
  • Financially dependent
  • Not married
  • Parent/grandparents
  • Parent/grandparents of the spouse

How It Works?

Greece Golden Visa Process


Preparation Time
Preparing the supporting documents.


Government Processing Time
The Greek Authorities issue a receipt of the application, which document may be used as a temporary permit before the final residence permit is granted. The document is valid for a year.




Citizenship application may be lodged following 7 years of Greek residency.

Greece residency by investment

Greece Golden Visa

Change your life

Introducing Greece

The sunny side of life

  • Where is Greece?

    Greece is located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, allowing one to reach within one hour flight any of these continents.

  • Why Greece?

    Greece offers a unique blend of beautiful Mediterranean landscape, remarkable history and culture and people of great hospitality, being fierce guardians of their tradition. Greece is synonymous with natural beauty. You find crystal clear blue waters, hidden picturesque islands; You can enjoy the sun on white sandy beaches, climb hills with pine trees and olive groves. Although Greek cities are modern, you can also visit traditional villages with stone houses in the mainland and beautiful white-blue cottages in the islands. Greece has something to offer for every taste and is waiting for you to discover it.

  • Is this a good investment?

    Following an economic recession, Greece has embarked on an extensive reform effort, which is set to improve investor confidence and attract new business. At this time of recovery, the Greek real estate market offers unique investment opportunities for individuals and businesses wishing to access property in Europe at highly competitive prices.

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