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Hungary is located on the border of three climate zones, thus the country has a continental climate influenced by oceanic climate from the west, subarctic climate from the north and Mediterranean climate from the south. Summers are typically sunny and warm and the general temperature is between 25–30 °C. For a few weeks, daytime temperatures may even reach around 35–38 °C. Winter is cold and the general temperature is between -10–0°C. Spring and autumn are often short and usually wet.

Hungary is situated in the Central European Time Zone (CET), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The country uses the practice of daylight sav­ing time, setting the clocks back by one hour between the last weekend of March and that of October.

Hungary’s favourable location makes it a popular destination for foreign investors. Distances between Budapest and some major European cities:

  • Vienna, Austria: 217 km
  • Zurich, Switzerland: 790 km
  • Berlin, Germany: 880 km
  • Paris, France: 1250 km
  • London, United Kingdom: 1460 km

Hungary has a long tradition of classical music, although often blended with folkloric elements. Composers Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, Franz Liszt and contemporary composers György Kurtág and György Ligeti were all Hungarian.

Useful Business Practice Information

Respect and formality are key values in the Hungarian business culture. In business relations, Hungarians do not call their partners by their first names until authorised to do so by their partners. Status and hierarchy are important factors for the Hungarians.

Relationships are very important in business life all over the world. Having extensive networks and valuable relationships are essential to becoming successful in any Hungarian business environment. Hungarians prefer to negotiate and conduct business personally. Since business is very relationship-oriented, it is advisable to spend some time with your Hungarian counterparts and earn their trust before commencing negotiations. Hungarians are quite careful in business negotiations. They prefer to pay attention to, and review, all relevant details and aspects of the deal, and therefore negotiations procedure may take time. Meeting deadlines is a crucial requirement in Hungarian business culture.

Hungarians are expected to work overtime in order to meet deadlines, and they expect the same attitude from their counterparts. During negotiations, Hungarians are rarely reluctant to interrupt or argue if required to get the best outcome. Such behaviour is normal in Hungarian business life and should not be taken personally. When drafting contracts, Hungarians prefer precise and clear wording.