Indian visitors were extremely interested in Latvia

October 1st 2019 in India, RCP
Bengaluru Summit

The Global Investment Immigration Summit in Bengaluru, India, was the second Indian event, where residency Citizenship Program was a Gold Sponsor. Laszlo Gaal, managing director of the firm, was invited again to hold a presentation on his new project, called Latvindia.

We love to work with Indians. We had more than a hundred visitors and clients before and after the Summit in Bengaluru. Our new project, Latvindia, has received much praise. We have also learned a lot about the Indian everyday's life and how they are thinking about business. It helps me to find the common language with our clients.

said Kriszta Tasnadi, client director of the firm.

Laszlo Gaal presentation in Bengaluru
Indian people are remarkably interested in investing in Europe, moving to Europe or educating children in Europe. The majority of our visitors wanted to do business in Europe and find new options for their existing Indian business. Of course, we can help them to establish and manage a European business.

added Laszlo Gaal managing director.

If you missed the opportunity to meet us in Bengaluru, just contact us to find out more about the immigration options of Latvia and other countries.