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Latvia property

Latvia Property Investment

The profitable option

You may invest in a Latvian property at least 250,000 euro and pay the government fee. In return, you receive a residence permit in Latvia. You should keep your property as long as you want a residence permit. The Latvian real estate market is stable and prospering; prices are steadily increasing. See the official government website.


Extra Benefits of the Property Investment Option

Buying a property in Latvia is a profitable investment option

  • Latvia’s property market remains very strong; prices are steadily increasing.
  • In August 2018 apartment prices in Riga increased to the average price of 1,240 EUR/sqm. Over the past 12 months, the average apartment price has increased 3.6%.
  • In Kauguri, a popular residential area in the western part of Jurmala, the average apartment price rose by 9.1% in the last year.

You can rent out your property

There is a high demand of renting small properties in Riga. The gross Rental Yield for an appartment which is not in the city is 5.20%. We can arrange everything if you want to rent out your property.

You have a safe second home

If anything happens in your home country, you have a safe second home to go there.

Live in a European country

You and your family can live in a European country. You may start your own business.

Property Scores

Profitability 99%
Cost 85%
Free Travel100%
Fast 90%

European residency by profitable investment

How does it work?

  • 1

    Engage us

    We help you to find the best option which suits your needs. Once you have decided to start your Latvian property investment, you have to sign a contract with us and transfer the first instalment of our professional fee.

    Latvia real estate
  • 2

    Travel to Latvia to buy a property

    You have to buy the property first. Our director will guide you in an opening bank account, finding the best property and buying it.

    Latvia property investment
  • 3

    Collect the documents required

    You should collect and legalise all the required documents (see below). We prepare the application form and other governmental documents.

    Live in Latvia
  • 4

    File your application at a Latvian Embassy

    You have to visit the nearest Latvian Embassy and file your application

    Latvia embassy
  • 5

    Travel to Latvia and get your residence card

    After your permit has been granted, you pay the government fee and receive your residence cards. You and all of your family members, included in your application, should travel to Latvia to obtain the residence permit cards. That is all.

    Property in Latvia

Our expertise guarantees that you get a Latvian residence permit

What are the requirements and how long is the process?

You may get your residence card within 2 months. You can involve your family in your application. The requirements are the followings:

Main applicant (you)
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have at least 250,000 euro to buy a property in Latvia
  • Have additional 12,500 euro for government fee
  • Have enough money on your bank proving necessary subsistence for a year
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Should be married to you (same sex not allowed)
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Should be under the age of 18 years at the time of application
  • Children can keep the residence permit as long as they are not married and can prove that they live together with the parents
  • Children older than 14 (but less than 18) years of age should have a clear criminal record
Other relatives
  • Once you have received your residence permit, you can invite your relatives for visa purposes, up to and including second-degree relatives.
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