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Malta Citizenship

Malta Citizenship

Malta is an EU member state and also a member of Schengen Zone. As a citizen of Malta, you are also an EU citizen. That means you can freely move in the EU, and you may live and work in any EU country.

Your valid Maltese second passport which is an EU passport gives you and your family freedom and extends your life.

The country is a group of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a melting pot of civilisations with a history stretching back thousands of years. Malta tax system is very favourable, and English is the second official language in the country. Malta has friendly relationships with Mediterranean rim countries and also with countries representing the major investment markets worldwide. Through the bilateral agreements between Malta and other countries, and through Malta's traditional economic links, the country has a high position as a business location and financial centre.

Malta is at the top of international living indexes, mainly attributable to the Island’s quality of life, climate, value for money, safety and stability.


Benefits of Malta citizenship by investment

European Union citizenship

You and your family will be EU citizens with the right to live, work, and study in any EU country.

Dual citizenship

You are not required by Maltese law to renounce your existing citizenship. Malta has no restrictions on holding any dual nationality.

Visa-free travel in the world

You can enjoy visa-free travel to more than 160 countries across the World including US and UK. With your Malta passport you may stay 90 days in US.

Favourable Malta tax regime

No municipal, inheritance, net worth, or wealth taxes. Double taxation treaties with almost 60 countries.

High standard of living

Malta offers a high level of living, and the educational system is first rate, providing numerous private, international and public schools, institutes and a university of the highest standards. Malta has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.


You can apply for Malta citizenship by a "mixed" investment:

  • Donation to the National Development and Social Fund: Main applicant - EUR 650,000, spouse and children below 18 years - EUR 25,000 each, further adult dependents - EUR 50,000 each.
  • Investment into government bonds/shares: You are required to buy at least EUR 150,000 in bonds or shares in Malta, and you should keep it for five years. This ventures will need to be made in stocks sanctioned by the government as beneficial to the country.
  • Property purchase or rental: You are required to buy a property of at least EUR 350,000 or enter a property rental contract for at least EUR 16,000, both on at least five-year contracts.

Does my family also qualify for citizenship?

Yes, the spouse of the main applicant, dependent and unmarried children under 25 years of age and dependent parents and grandparents above 55 years old can be included in one application.

Ciizenship in MaltaRequirements

  • You should be over age of 18 years,
  • You should hold a Maltese residency permit for at least one year,
  • You and your family members should be healthy (not suffer from any contagious diseases) and all applicants must also be covered by an international health insurance policy, and have a clear criminal record.

Government fees

Fees of due diligence process (non refundable):

  • Main applicant - EUR 7,500
  • Spouse -EUR 5,000
  • Children between 12-18 years old- EUR 3,000
  • Further adult dependents - EUR 5,000
  • Passport fee EUR 500/person.

Time to get your passport

You will get your Maltese residency in a very short time and your second passport in a year.