Meet our directors in Bengaluru in September

September 5th 2019 in Latvia, India, RCP
Shangri La Hotel meeting

We would be delighted to meet you and discuss the options of getting European residence permit and citizenship.

The directors of Residency Citizenship Program will attend the Global Investment Summit in Bengaluru in the second half of September. We have organised a lot of client and agent meetings in Bengaluru.

You may also take the chance and meet Laszlo Gaal managing director and Kriszta Tasnadi client director.

Where and when can meet us?


Shangri-La Hotel: between 19th and 21st September

ITC Windsor Hotel:  between 22nd and 26th September

ITC Windsor Hotel meeting
You may also meet the directors of Residency Citizenship Program on the 21st of September at the Summit; please visit our Exhibition.

We are happy to discuss the followings with you:

How can I make a safe investment in Europe?

Which is the cheapest European residency?

How can I secure European education for my children?

How can I move to Europe and which country is the best for me?

Please contact us to schedule a meeting.