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Portugal is SAFE

According to Global Peace Index, Portugal is the 4th safest country in the world.

High Quality of Life

Portugal is a country with 5th best quality of life in the world.

High-Quality Health Care

Portugal has the 12th best health-care system in the world.

Free travel in Europe

Portugal is part of the Schengen zone, allowing you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa.

How to Buy a Property in Portugal?

We offer the best real estate options in Portugal, which make you eligible for Portugal Golden Visa.

For the past ten years Portugal’s property market has seen an irrepressible, year on year, rise in value. According to Confidencial Imobilario, average Portuguese property prices in January 2022 showed an increase of 13.8% since January 2021.

Our team will advise you in the decision process and walk you through the acquisition. We can offer a bespoke solution that matches your needs. Our Property Management team may handle your property in place of you, ensuring high yield and proper maintenance.
Our portfolio includes finished projects for higher and under-development projects for medium budgets.
You can still buy residential real estate in Lisbon or Porto through our Insight Investment Fund. Alternatively, you can purchase commercial real estate like a student condominium in Porto (Lima Project).
Under-development properties (eligible for Golden Visa) are available for 280,000 euros in Alcacer and Grandola.

Project Grandola

The project Grandola is a private residential condominium composed of three main buildings in simplistic and modern style.

Grandola is a pearl of the Alentejo, only 1 hour from the capital city – Lisbon and the Lisbon airport.

You can select your dream apartment from 35 brand new duplex apartments: 9 T1 units and 26 T2 units, ranging from 280,000 to 340,000 euros.

Also, to create a fully equipped condominium, the project will feature a swimming pool and a bar on the side, creating joyful memories with family and friends.

Project Alcacer

The Project Alcacer is located in Quinta do Olival of Torrão, besides the river Vale de Gaio. There’s exquisite traditional cuisine for all to enjoy, and for the lovers of outdoor activities, it is the perfect place for activities like hunting, fishing, sightseeing and sports like cycling, canoeing and much more, all to be enjoyed under a natural environment reigned by silence and peace.

It is a nature-inspired hotel with 15 rooms, including 2 of T0 and 13 T1 duplex apartments, in a modern but naturalistic design style. All the apartments display a beautiful view of the river and a private and comfortable bedroom with the T1 type exclusively exempting 2 bathrooms.

You can select your dream apartment T1 duplex units, ranging from 400,000 to 430,000 euros.

Guests can pick between the outdoor swimming pool that delivers the sunshine and fresh air of summer, or the natural river of Vale de Gaio, bringing you a unique experience with the natural water flow. The Hotel has a restaurant with a "farm to the table" experience, with products straight from the farm, offering the unique experience of local gastronomy on the spot.

Project Lima Porto

The Lima Porto commercial project is centrally located within Porto in the Bonfim parish. The University Hub of Porto is only 10 minutes away. Its closest subway station – Combatentes -is a mere 4-minute walking distance.

Porto is home to some of the best universities in Portugal, so this is a market of tremendous interest and potential, making your investment safe and profitable.

Lima delivers extraordinary value on many fronts, with facilities often found in upscale private condominiums, such as private parking, gym, private and communal gardens and other facilities such as a lounge area and kitchen hub.

Comprised of 50 apartments, ranging from studios to 3-bedroom in a price range from 190,000 to 690,000 euros, Lima offers its investors some diversity. We offer a 4% guaranteed yield. Minimum investment for Golden Visa is 350,000 euro.

Project Pateo Lisbon

Pateo is a pioneering project for sustainable rehabilitation in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. You can invest in residential property through Investment Fund and get Golden Visa.

It features an infinity pool with spectacular views of Lisbon's classic red brick roofs. A salt filtration system delivers silky smooth, naturally sanitized water that won't irritate eyes or fade fabrics. Vertical gardens use less water and electricity than the traditional variety while filtering the air and offsetting our carbon footprint. Pateo will offer its residents the luxuries of modern life, but it will do so while keeping its energy consumption levels to a minimum.

Solar panels will take advantage of Portugal’s excellent sunny weather, collecting the sun’s energy reduces Pateo’s utility bills in these challenging times.

A community zone provides opportunities for group activities such as get-togethers, barbecues, or more relaxing endeavours like yoga or simply kicking back with a novel. The utility area is equipped with energy-efficient washing machines and dryers, free for all residents.

We offer T1 duplex villas and T2 apartments, ranging from 350,000 to 650,000 euros

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