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Benefits of Residency Bond Program

Procedure of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program (closed)

The program is closed from the end of March 2017.

If you meet the simple requirements, you may enter the Hungarian Residency Bond Program. If you want to check your eligibility please fill in the Request Form and send us your passport copy.

The procedure is very simple:

  • Engage us
  • Collect documents
  • Transfer money
  • File application
  • Get residence card

The procedure is very fast:

Time Action
DAY 0 Engage us
DAY 1 Collaborate with us on collecting the required data and documents
DAY 5 Pay EUR 300,000 investment and EUR 60,000 administrative fee
DAY 10 File your application
DAY 40 Receive your permanent residence permit
YEAR 5 Get back EUR 300,000 after 5 years
LIFELONG Enjoy your lifelong Hungarian residence permit
We had a success rate of 100%

Very next 4 steps to obtain your lifelong permanent residence permit:


1. Contact us by filling in the Request form

Please fill in the Request Form if you want to get detailed information about the Hungarian Residency Bond Program. In order to get correct information we need your details requested in the form.

2. Get detailed information for your decision

Once you have filled in the Request Form we send you detailed information about the Program and answer all of your questions. You will be in the position to decide about your participation in the Program.

3. Engage us (Free of Charge)

Engage us and we give you premium quality personal guidance throughout the whole Program. We do everything for you in order to get residence permits for you and for your family members.

4. Cooperate with your personal guide

A personal guide -- an immigration lawyer -- will be assigned as your personal guide. You are in safe hands. We are well aware that your case is different; you have your own special concerns, needs and expectations. Our expert team is highly motivated to satisfy your needs and expectations to the highest standards.