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Benefits of Residency Bond Program

Excellent Value for Money

The program is closed from the end of March 2017.

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program offers lifelong permanent residence permit for the whole family. Hungary is a member state of European Union (EU) and also a Schengen country.



Main Benefits
LIFELONG You pay once and you can use it in your whole life.
EASY Easy requirements, personal guidance throughout the whole Program.
SUPERFAST Fast processing, permanent residence permit within 2 months.
FOR YOUR FAMILY Your spouse and your dependent children and parents are also included in the Program free of charge. They also get their lifetime residence permit.
LOW COST Total cost is €360,000 of which €300,000 will be refunded after 5 years. This is the cheapest offer in Europe. It actually costs EUR 60,000 for the whole family.
FREE MOVEMENT You can freely travel within Schengen countries without visa and border control. You can apply for visa of other countries in Hungary.
PERSONAL SAFETY Hungary is a safe country. You and your family are in safety in Hungary.
SAFE INVESTMENT You invest in Hungarian government bonds.
BUSINESS IN EUROPE Hungary is a springboard for European business.

Why the Hungarian program was the best offer in Europe?

If you compare the European residency programs:

Countries Net Investment Time to Permanent Residency Schengen Visa
Greece 250,000 - Yes
Latvia 250,000 5 years Yes
Malta 250,000 - Yes
Hungary 300,000 2 months Yes
Cyprus 300,000 2 months No
Spain 500,000 5 years Yes
Portugal 500,000 5 years Yes
Ireland 950,000 - No
UK 2,000,000 - No

The Hungarian program is the only program which offers fast track permanent residence permit allowing free movement in Europe for the whole family.

Additional Benefits:

  • You are not required to invest a huge amount of money into a Hungarian business
  • You do not need to buy any expensive real estate in Hungary
  • You do not need to live in Hungary or have a Hungarian address
  • You become a lifelong permanent resident in Hungary, a member country of European Union
  • You can move freely within Schengen countries in Europe just as with a Hungarian passport
  • You and your family can enjoy a Hungarian and European lifestyle
  • You can enjoy and be part of the prosperity of Hungarian and European business life
  • You and your family will have access to the reputable state education in Hungary
  • You and your family can access high quality healthcare in Hungary and across the EU