Benefits of Residency Bond Program

The New Guest Investor Program Opens in 2024

The Old Residency Bond Program Closed in 2017

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How Successful Was the Residency Bond Program?

The New Hungarian Guest Investor Program (GIP) Opens in 2024

Hungarian Residency Bond Program was the most popular residency by investment program in Europe.

The Hungarian Treasury has sold 7000+ Residency Government Bonds.

The Hungarian government announced that the program is closed on 31st March.

Applications were only accepted till March 31, 2017.

What made the Hungarian Residency Bond Program the best?

LIFELONG You pay once and you can use it in your whole life.
EASY Easy requirements, personal guidance throughout the whole Program.
SUPERFAST Fast processing, permanent residence permit within one month.
FOR YOUR FAMILY Your spouse and your dependent children and parents are also included in the Program free of charge.
LOW COST Total cost is €360,000 of which €300,000 will be refunded after 5 years. It actually costs EUR 60,000 for the whole family. This is the cheapest offer in Europe.
FREE MOVEMENT You can freely travel within Schengen countries without visa and border control.
PERSONAL SAFETY Hungary is a safe country. You and your family are in safety in Hungary.
SAFE INVESTMENT You invest in Hungarian government bonds.
BUSINESS IN EUROPE Hungary is a springboard for European business.

Hungarian Residency Bond Program


The Program

What is the Hungarian Residency Bond Program?

Hungarian Parliament adopted a new regulation in 2012 regarding 'investor residency' in Hungary. This Program offers permanent residency under preferential conditions for non-EU nationals who have at least EUR 360,000 to invest. Please note that EUR 300,000 will be refunded to you after 5 years.

Is the Residency Bond Program approved by the Hungarian government?

Yes. A law, passed on 11th December 2012 and modified in 2014 and 2016, offers permanent residency in Hungary for non-EU nationals willing to invest in government residency bonds.

What are the benefits of the Program?

The main advantage is that you and your family (including dependent children and also parents) become a permanent resident in Hungary, a member country of European Union. That means you all can move freely within Schengen countries in Europe (Schengen visa).

Is the Program popular?

Hungarian Residency Bond Program is extremely popular: number of residence permits issued increases enormously. Until now more than 7000 Residency Government Bonds have been purchased. It is the most popular residency program in Europe.


How can I participate in the Program?

Please read carefully all the information, presented on this website. If you would like to get a lifetime residence permit please, fill in the request form. You will receive additional information and a detailed step-by-step guide about the Program.

Is it sure that I will get a Hungarian residence permit if I apply?

You can apply for the Residency Bond Program and get your residence permit if you meet the requirements:

  • Be a citizen of a non-EU country and have a valid passport,
  • Be able to invest EUR 360,000 either in your capacity as a private individual or via a business in which you are a majority shareholder (EUR 300,000 is refundable after 5 years),
  • Be able to pass a basic national security check by the Hungarian authority,
  • Be able to provide the documents required.

Can my family be included in the Program?

Yes. Your spouse and your dependent children and also dependent parents can be included in the Program based on your investment. It means that you and your family can file the applications all together. Please note that you are required to file official documents evidencing your family relationships.

Your children, who are not dependent from you, and other relatives may also participate in the Program but based on their own independent investments.

You may contact us to find tailor-made solutions for you and your family members.

Should I have a Hungarian address when I apply?

From the 1st July of 2016 no Hungarian address is required when you apply for permanent resident status.

Cost and payment

What is the total cost of the Program?

The total amount of money for obtaining a permanent residence permit through the Program is EUR 360,000. Please note that EUR 300,000 will be refunded to you after 5 years. The non-refundable EUR 60,000 is the actual cost of the Program. It includes all administrative and service costs associated with the Hungarian Residency Bond Program.

That means you and your family will receive a lifelong residence permit, a safe pass to Europe, for EUR 60,000 only.

Our award winning immigration team gives you premium-quality personal guidance throughout the whole Program. Using simple words, we do everything for you in order to get your and your family members’ residence permit. We will care with every detail of your application; you can sit back and relax.

Is it sure that I will get back my EUR 300,000 Investment?

Yes. The EUR 300,000 will be deposited in 5-year maturity government residency bonds, and after maturity the EUR 300,000 will be refunded to you. For extra security you may also purchase a bank guarantee.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. EUR 360,000 includes everything for a family of four. If your family, including your spouse, dependent parents and children is larger than four, you should pay the overhead costs only.

Residence permit

What is the difference between temporary and permanent residence?

A Hungarian residence permit grants a foreigner the right to reside in Hungary. The temporary residence permit is limited in time (usually 1-5 years), while the permanent residence permit is issued for your life. Holding a Hungarian residence permit makes easier traveling throughout Europe and to obtain visas to other countries, e.g. USA, UK.

What rights am I entitled to after receiving a Hungarian permanent residence permit?

Hungarian permanent residency offers all the rights and benefits that citizens enjoy in Hungary but with some notable exceptions, such as not being eligible to vote in national government elections or hold Hungarian passport. The Hungarian permanent residency holder may live, stay and work in Hungary for an indefinite period of time (lifelong). Permanent residency holders are entitled to attend Hungarian public schools.

The permanent residence permit allows you to enter Hungary without a visa and to stay in Hungary without any time limitation. With a Hungarian permanent residence permit you can travel and stay within the Schengen area.

Is the Hungarian residence permit an ID card?

Residence permit card

Yes, it is.

Am I going to lose the right of a lifetime permanent residence permit, if I get back EUR 300,000 after 5 years?

No, you wont. Permanent residence permit is really permanent. After 5 years you will get back your investment but you and your family can keep the permanent residence permit.

If the program will be canceled in MARCH, will I lose my residence permit?

No, you wont. Your permanent residence permit is not revocable unless you comit a serious crime in Hungary. Even if the program would be cancelled in the far future, you and your family can keep the permanent residence permit.

Other questions

I need a Hungarian passport. What time should I wait to be a Hungarian citizen?

Do not forget that the permanent residence permit is issued for an indefinite period of time, i.e. it is a lifelong residence permit. However, you can upgrade your Hungarian permanent resident status to a Hungarian citizenship, but to do so you need to live in Hungary for 8 years. There are rumours about the reduction of 8 years to 5 years on the internet. Some agents may tell you that you will get a Hungarian passport after 5 years. But it is not true. The Hungarian government has definitely no intention to change the citizenship rules.

Should I also pay tax in Hungary?

No, you should not. You are a subject of the Hungarian tax system only if you stay in Hungary more than 182 days in a 12-month period of time.

Should I live in Hungary in order to keep my residence permit?

No, you should not.