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St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia presents a taste of paradise with its stunning beaches and entertainment, with the bonus of affordable property and welcoming local hospitality. Saint Lucia's citizenship by investment program offers 4 investment options for second citizenship. For a limited time, we propose the best prices tailored for you.

Main benefits of St Lucia passport

Affordable Investment

Cheapest second passport

Fast and Easy Processing

The process of obtaining St Lucia Citizenship by Investment usually takes 3 - 4 months.

Free Travel

A St. Lucian passport provides visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 146 destinations including Europe’s Schengen Area, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and many others.

Whole Family

Your spouse, parents, grandparents, dependent children and siblings can also be included.

St Lucia citizenship by investment

Options of St Lucia Citizenship Program

Why should you invest in Saint Lucia?

Top 5 reasons to make your investment in St Lucia

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1. The only government bond option

St. Lucia is the only Caribbean country to offer government bond investments as a route to citizenship qualification. Fully refundable, risk-free investment guarantees return by the government after five years, giving you complete peace of mind with your investment. 

For five years, you should invest $300,000 (not depending on the family size) in non-interest-bearing government bonds. The investment option is also subjected to a flat administrative fee of $50,000, regardless of the number of family members included in your application.

2. No tax

No taxation in respect of capital gains, inheritances or offshore companies

3. Ideal place for retiring

What are the reasons to choose St. Lucia for your place of retirement? You will find everything from leisure to adventure to culture, there is enough on this beautiful island to keep you busy and enthusiastic all year long.

4. Precious passport

St Lucia passport ranking is 30th in the world. It is ranked higher than Grenada or Dominica.

5. Untouched natural beauty

Spectacular natural beauty ranging from the iconic twin peaks of the Pitons and the Diamond Waterfalls to lush rainforest and stunning beaches.

What are the

Saint Lucia Passport requirements?

St Lucia citizenship
Main Applicant
  • Clean criminal record
  • Enough money to invest
  • Recent or future spouse
  • Marriage certificate
  • Clean criminal record
Minor Children
  • Children below the age of 18
  • Children born later on
Adult Children
  • Up to the age of 30
  • Fully supported
  • Parents above 55
  • Grandparents above 55
  • Fully supported
  • Up to the age of 18
  • Siblings on both side

Which Countries Are Excluded from St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program?

Make a safe investment for St Lucia Passport and Citizenship

We offer the most affordable St. Lucia investment opportunity

How It Works?



Consult with us
Sign client agreement and pay the deposit.

MONTHS 1 - 2

Prepare application documents
Pay immigration fees.


Submission of all documents


CIU issues "Approval in Principal" pay the balance


Client receives the Certificate of Citizenship Registration and passport

Grenada island

St Lucia Passport

146 Visa-free countries

Saint Lucia FAQ

The best island for buying a property.

  • Where is Saint Lucia?

    Saint Lucia is located between the Americas and is only eight (8) hours away from Europe. Saint Lucia is part of the Lesser Antilles, home to the majestic Piton Mountains, volcanic mud baths, sun-soaked beaches and vibrant culture. St Lucia can be found north/northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. Its land area is of 617 km2 (238 square miles). Castries is the capital city of St. Lucia and is located in the northwest of the island.

  • How to get saint Lucia citizenship?

    You have to make a contribution to St Lucia to get citizenship. St Lucia offers a reliable citizenship by investment opportunity.

  • Is St Lucia citizenship the best Caribbean citizenship?

    Yes and no. The value of all Caribbean passports and citizenships is nearly the same. There are minor differences regarding visa-free countries. E.g. with a Saint Lucia passport, you cannot enter Russia visa-free. However, select St Lucia if you want an affordable and easy passport.

  • How fast is the application process?

    The Saint Lucia government offers an easy and fast application process which reduces the processing period, making Saint Lucian citizenship program one of the fastest program in the Caribbean.

  • Do I need to stay in St Lucia?

    No stay, no residence or visitation is required to get and maintain your citizenship.

  • What is climate of the island?

    Saint Lucia has a tropical climate; the weather stays consistently warm
    throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius (84 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit). The island has only two seasons-the dry season and the wet season. The dry season falls between December and June and the wet season falls between July and November.

  • Is St Lucia a rich country?

    St Lucia is neither a rich nor poor country. According to the World Economic Outlook Database created by the International Monetary Fund, Saint Lucia is a developing country. Read more about how rich is St Lucia?

  • What to do in Saint Lucia?

    Conde Nast Traveler, a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine published by Conde Nast identified Saint Lucia as one of 'The 50 most Beautiful Places in the World.' Saint Lucia is rapidly becoming one of the world's major yachting centers, complemented by a wide range of superb facilities catering to all the needs of the international yachting community. The island boasts three superior marinas in Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay and Soufriere, all of which are official points of entry to the country.

Where is Saint Lucia?

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