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Best European Visa and Residency Options

Visa EuropeIf you are seriously thinking about:

  • the future of your family or
  • better educational possibilities for your children
  • or free movement in Europe or even a higher standard of living,

you should consider investing in European visa (or in a second passport).

What is European Visa or Golden Visa?

European visa or Golden visa are nicknames of European residency programmes. European visa programmes offer you and your family EU residency for a permanent or temporary period. You will have the right to live, in many cases work in your new country of residence, and travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area of the EU.

What is the best option?

We offer you the best European permanent residency options. What option is the right for you? It depends on what you are looking for yourself and your family. All programmes provide you and your family with European permanent residency. There are some minor differences regarding the amount of investment, the timeframe, the eligible family members and the application requirements.

European visa or second citizenship?

European citizenship provides you free settlement and free movement in any EU country. However, a second EU passport is expensive.

Carribean passports provide you visa-free travel to approx. 120+ countries, including UK, Canada and EU Schengen zone, but not EU residency.

European visa secure you the right to live, in many cases work in your new country, and travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area of the EU.

We help you to find the option which best suits your needs and also offers the best investment solution for you.

Our professional advisors help you to find the best solution

We offer the best Visa Europe options

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What are the main benefits of having European visa (residency)?


Safe future for you and your family

Always have a plan B, a European residency visa is a satisfying alternative. Europe offers stability, safety and many other advantages.

Better education for your children

You have access to EU education system at a moderate price.

Better Lifestyle

Many people are looking to enhance their lifestyle by living in Europe. You could also have better access to essential services such as health-care or education, as well as well-developed infrastructure, cultural facilities and the like. Safety and security aspects are also factors in lifestyle decisions.

Free Movement

Acquire the freedom of travel. You are allowed to travel throughout the Schengen countries freely.

Tax breaks

By gaining a European residency, investors are also able to enjoy tax breaks as well as the possibility of improved personal and corporate tax exposure.